Family is like making a cake from scratch, Real messy!” -Miss Ellie

The Braxgata family is like a Ewing or Carrington Family, we care for our family members and are always in a fierce battle for love, power on the field and for our ‘Southfork ranch’, the Braxhouse. 

We have more similarities with these famous families; No matter how many wives each son keeps bringing home, everyone carries on living under one roof, luckily nowadays we have a bigger Braxhouse than 10 years ago..

Just like in Dallas, Braxgata has its hormoned teenagers,  our “Lucies”; (un)interested in school, nor in serious hockey, unless it is to show their body to hockeytrainers/coaches by wearing skirts too short and having legs too long.

Just like in Dynasty, we exist in a world of wealth and excess, which means chic haute couture outfits (Osaka loves Brax), our own fleet of Ewing-mobiles (Metropool loves Brax too) and endless lawns to overlook when entering our extended driveway.

Like the famous Southfork BBQ’s in Dallas, we at Brax have our own famous Friday Family/Team Diners– time for happy meals and enjoy some home-Steve’s-cooking, impress with our hockey (instead of rodeo) skills and our Lucies to wear even less than usual.

Are you an Alexis or a JR? More connected to Blake or Kristel? Do you see yourself as a true Sue Ellen or do you love Steven Carrington as much as Lieven does?Get ready for the biggest event of the year. We lack black domestic staff, but instead offer you a great opportunity to tidy up one’s dancing skills, wear Stetsons, boots and big belts for the not-to-be-missed Oil Barons’ Ball.

November 24, 2018: Braxgata Dallasty Galabal
‘Put on your boots, bring your dollars, dust of your shoulder pads & get drunk like Sue Ellen.‘

Are you a real Dallas or Dynasty fan?  Born in the 60ties or 70ties, or an 80ties addict.? Check if you are ready for our Oil Baron’s Ball by doing our quiz  and get subscribed to our Oil Barons’ Ball now!

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